Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Our practice is one of the few in the world to have surgical microscopes in every treatment room and to be used by every primary caregiver in the practice.  We are dedicated to the use of this tool in our practice due to its ability to give us unparalleled views of the mouth and teeth. This allows us to treat areas conservatively that we previously couldn’t see.  For our patients, it means giving them the best treatment available and the finest quality work we can provide. For our staff, it means being able to deliver that care without compromising our posture; this enables us to be more comfortable and relaxed throughout the day and throughout our careers.

The use of the microscope allows us to see small fractures, as seen in the above picture; it also allows us to diagnose decay as soon as it begins.

Microscope Enhanced DentistryWe can also allow our patients to interact with our diagnosis by observing what we are seeing through the high definition cameras attached to the microscope.  This feature allows us to better educate our patients and explain procedures to them.  This also allows us to provide our patients with excellent restorative dental care.


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